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Welcome to CPI Royle, the specialist financial printing division of CPI Group. For over 50 years we’ve been providing a vital service to investment banks, law firms, nomads and corporates, supplying them with a fast, reliable and confidential service as they prepare their shareholder and financial documents.

Royle has a proven track-record in consistently producing essential compliance documents with speed and accuracy against ever tighter deadlines. Whatever the size or complexity of the project, our experienced staff are trained to find the most effective solution to your requirements.


CPI Royle’s track-record of typesetting and printing documents for Merger and Acquisition deals, equity offerings and shareholder communications is second to none. We appreciate the importance of fast turnaround and accuracy. That’s why Royle is one of the few City-based financial printers to retain an exclusive, 24-hour, in-house typesetting facility.

The production of corporate finance documents is the mainstay of our business. We understand the extreme time restraints financial advisers, lawyers and accountants have to work to and so we plan every stage of the printing and mailing process around your schedule, however time-sensitive.


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Mitsui Sumitomo Acquisition of Amlin

Amlin Plc

Amlin plc approached CPI Royle to manage the production, personalisation and fulfilment of numerous items in relation to the acquisition of Amlin by Mitsui Sumitomo. We were required to provide proofing and printing of documents on an overnight basis throughout several phases of the acquisition.

The documents themselves were of a very complex nature which would require highly specialised expertise to produce in the limited time available. As well as typesetting the Scheme document (88 pages), we also liaised with Registrars and content providers to come up with suitable layouts for no fewer than 28 personalised voting forms and covering letters in English, French and Dutch languages.

CPI Royle’s typesetting team worked round the clock to generate proofs of all the required documentation and make last-minute alterations quickly and accurately.

Once the documents were signed off, the next step was to organise mailing them all to Amlin’s shareholders and Sharesave Scheme members. Our fulfilment house proved their expertise in data processing by managing many data files from different sources and by undertaking a comprehensive mailing up to 36 different items in 3 different languages. These were mailed to over 30 different classes of holders.

Our team’s understanding of shareholder mailings, our attention to detail and ability to respond quickly ensured the project was delivered accurately and on time.

You guys did a great job. Complicated and very demanding, well done’.


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